Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know my payment method is secure on this site?

We guarantee 100% that this site is secure given the fact that they are done via Paypal.

2. Are payments from other countries accepted?

We are able to accept payment from countries all around the world. Paypal will convert your currency to U.S. Dollars automatically when you make payment.

3. What other types of payments are available?

Besides the payment directly from Paypal account, Paypal allows our customers to pay directly with a credit card. The transaction is not validated instantly and requires few days for Paypal to check your bank account.

4. I've downloaded one of the softwares but I'm getting a .NET related error on installation. Why?

Our softwares require .NET Framework 3.5 in order to run. If your computer doesn't have it installed already you can find it on Microsoft site here.

5. How many PC's can a single license be used on?

They are single PC license so only one but you can transfer your license for free in case you get a new PC or reformat Windows.

6. Are the softwares with subscription or just one time fee?

It's a one-time payment for a lifetime license.

7. Do you have an affiliate program?

No, at this stage we don't but we plan to open one in the near future.

8. What platforms do these softwares run on?

They run on XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003/2008 Server on both 32 and 64 Bit. They do NOT run natively on Mac, however they will work under Windows emulation such as Parallels, VMWare, VirtualBox on the Mac. You can find a tutorial here

9. What is the allowed format for loading proxies from file?

Proxies can be loaded in the format IP:PORT or IP:PORT:USER:PASS

10. Do you have Private Proxies support with Username and Password?

Yes they can be added manually or from a list with the format IP:PORT:USER:PASS

11. Are these softwares updated? How much do updates cost?

Our tools are updated frequently and they are free. You will be notified on startup by the tool if there is an update available.

12. I have questions not answered here can i contact you?

You can use the Support section to submit a new ticket. Our team will respond as soon as possible.

13. How can I download the softwares?

Please check the Products section to download the free softwares. You have to buy the tools that are not free in order to download them.

14. What is Decaptcher?

DeCaptcher is one of the original pay per use captcha solving services. Using Decaptcher you can automate the captcha typing whenever a website has a captcha system to prevent automated submits. The benefit of pay per use captcha solvers over software that you pay for once regardless of how many captchas you solve with it is accuracy, pay per captcha solve services will generally give much more accurate captcha solves than a software ever could so even solving recaptchas is possible. An account is required at before using the service.

15. How do I setup a captcha solver?

As with everything with our tools setting up your chosen captcha service is very simple and requires just a few easy steps:

  1. 1. Go to the Settings menu selection
  2. 2. Select Decaptcher (or other preferred service) from the Captcha Mode drop down menu
  3. 3. Fill in the Username input with your captcha service username
  4. 4. Enter your captcha service password into the Password input
  5. 5. You can now test your settings by clicking the Test button to ensure everything is setup correctly
  6. 6. Click the OK button

16. I can not activate my software after purchasing via Paypal. What can I do?

Make sure you are using the Paypal purchase email to activate the software because any other email won't work. If you still can't activate the software please use Support to submit a new ticket.

17. I have not received the download link after purchasing via Paypal. Where can I download the software from?

After purchasing the software a subscription is required in order to receive the latest software updates. You need to fill your name and email to get to the download page.